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Universal ( For shipping & Customs clearance Services )

We have an all-inclusive shipping service via a global platform managed by a team of experts uniquely skilled in overseeing operations, including customs requirements. We can address any challenges you have with moving your cargo by providing innovative ideas, developing and implementing solutions to get the job done. Offers a wide range of international shipping and air transportation services, for all types of cargo. Whether you need Less Container Loading (LCL) or Full Container Loading (FCL) Shipping, Project Shipping, Dangerous and regular goods, as we can fully manage the import process from the suppliers' factory abroad to their arrival to you after customs clearance in case of import. And manage and provide the service of internal transport, freight and customs clearance abroad in case of export We can also work to end customs procedures professionally and at the lowest costs, in support of us, to facilitate the import and export process and manage it professionally and professionally. Also, in the event that there are no import documents for you, we can manage the process with our import documents on your behalf.